It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially for email designs! Tons of creative energy and strategic thought go into the holiday season, as the email marketing sector tries to attract customers to their brands at a time of increased purchasing. In fact, December sees an average monthly household spending increase of 29% (according to the Bank of England).

So with the festive fervour and people being more willing to spend, it’s no wonder that the inbox becomes an incredibly competitive place. But this competition pushes email to new heights. We love finding amazing emails that deserve recognition – not just for innovative and amazing designs, but those that have thought about accessibility, consider the subscriber to be a human being, and those that are just great examples of how to build an email.

With that in mind, let’s dive into some of the suggestions the SparkPost marketing team have to offer!

Elsbeth Russell, Community Manager

Mpixsee the full email here

mpix Christmas email advertising 5 holiday gift ideas

I chose this holiday email from Mpix first because I loved the high-quality imagery. Not surprising coming from a photography brand, right?! I appreciated the consistent imagery with the tartan plaid blanket as a theme in all the pictures. Beyond that, though, the email was also very clean and logically organized breaking down and featuring 5 main gift ideas from the brand.  

Hattie Howard, Brand and Content Marketing Manager

Tattlysee the full email here

Tattly Christmas email showing different gift ideas in an advent calendar format

This is a great example of a festive email from Tattly, who create high quality temporary tattoos. The structure of an email reminds me of an advent calendar – with not much going on around the images and minimal CTAs which means you have to click on the image to find out more (a bit like you would do when opening a box of an advent calendar). Even the images are shaped in little baubles and stars, with the coloured dots wrapping around the email like tinsel on a Christmas tree! But I like it’s simplicity – just high quality images, a very on-brand festive colour scheme and you want to scroll through the products. Plus they have included alt text around the images which is an accessibility win .

Matt Parsloe, Brand and Content Marketing Manager

Whittard’ssee the full email here

Whittards Christmas email showing Christmas-themed hot beverages for sale

This should be prefaced with the face that I’m a total sucker for this brand! But it’s not hard to see why – quintessentially British and with a brand design that screams quality and indulgence. Immediately offering the subscriber to ‘indulge yourself’ is a great hook, especially during the festive season when this is all the rage. High-quality imagery, a clean design and instantly recognisable branding give this email a great first impression. Digging a little deeper, we find well constructed copy, links that are hidden behind whole blocks rather than just the CTA (so they are easily clickable), and an inclusion of alt-text to help accessibility. It’s a win in my book! 

Koertni Adams, Senior Content Marketing Manager


Top half of the Starbucks festive email promoting mobile ordering on their app Lower half of the Starbucks festive email promoting mobile ordering on their app

There is a lot to enjoy about this email! Firstly, it’s immediately recognisable as coming from Starbucks, with the identifiable colour palette, typography and coffee cup imagery adorned with the logo. They use personalised illustrations to break down the holiday rewards which is a nice touch and keeps the branding consistent as you read through the email. These icons are also used on their website, making them easily identifiable with the customer. It’s worth saying now that this email works really well on mobile devices too! The nice, clean layout helps the message and brand shine through, and the sparkly GIF at the top of the email really is the chocolate dusting on the cappuccino! 

Starbucks Christmas themed GIF from their mobile ordering email

Richard Kearns, Demand Generation Manager

RollWorks via Sendoso

RollWorks email asking for address confirmation

I received this email from RollWorks regarding a free gift.  Whilst not traditionally a holiday email, or even a highly designed one, I liked a few things about it:

  1. They are sending me a gift for the holiday. Who doesn’t like a free gift? I don’t even know what it is, but I want it. 
  2. I recently did a demo with this company, so I am familiar with them and the person that sent this email to me. (It wasn’t just a random email from someone I never spoke with – if it was a random email, I would have probably marked it as spam!) Even if it’s a small communication like this, it’s nice to hear from brands I know at this time.
  3. They actually have my wrong address, so it made me want to update my address. Again, I don’t know what they are sending me, but don’t want it going to the wrong person. 
  4. It’s quick, succinct, and to the point. There wasn’t a lot of verbiage to read through. Just simple and to the point. Even in purely functional emails like this, some brands tend to over embellish what’s needed, so it’s good to see this being kept to a minimum.


What about your favourite festive emails? Reach out to us on Twitter or Instagram and send us the emails that have excited you. And if you want to see more great holiday marketing, check out our favourite festive marketing examples – with some email examples in there too! What’s more, it comes with some great marketing tips for 2022.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, enjoy the holiday season!!