Intern: A student or trainee who works – sometimes without pay – at a trade or occupation in order to gain work experience.

SparkPost Intern: A student who bestows the best opportunity to build their resumé, work and learn from incredible colleagues, make a difference within a company, collaborate across the company, and have a blast. 

Despite Covid-19 and how that has upended many companies, SparkPost offered remote internship opportunities. The chance for a remote internship (or any at all) was quite slim, and there were few opportunities to pick from. SparkPost hired seven interns that worked in various departments – marketing, engineering, data science etc. We interns have not only learned and spoken to almost every team leader in SparkPost, but we have also learned from one another.

Starting out as “the summer intern” may sound intimidating to most, but the open arms and supportive employees here have made me and the other interns feel so comfortable to collaborate in team meetings and voice our opinions. 

My Experience as a Marketing Intern

My name is Lauren Stein, and I’m a rising junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This summer, I’ve been the Social Media and Content Intern in the marketing department. The marketing team contains mentors and professionals that inspire me to work harder every day. Each meeting, the marketing team makes sure I am in the loop and comfortable about my everyday tasks. 

From day one I was encouraged to engage with the team and share my thoughts. My team consistently challenged me and pushed me to learn more and do better. Throughout this internship, I’ve learned copious amounts of new skills – from running social media accounts, to editing and publishing blogs, to creating a competitive intelligence project that compares and contrasts SparkPost to our competitors.  

When thinking about what makes SparkPost unique and such an incredible company, I think of the people first. Every individual I have spoken to has helped me grow personally and professionally. I could not think of a better place to have an internship because in just a short few months, I have learned information that will aid me in my future endeavors.

Sure, I’m the social media intern, and part of my gig is writing blogs, but check out what some of my fellow interns also had to say about their experience!

Hear What My Counterparts Think

Lucy Sanchez-Sandoval

Lucy Sanchez-Sandoval – Software Engineer Intern: “What I love about my internship at SparkPost is the way that my team and manager have redefined failure for me. Every developer on the team has reassured me that they have struggled at some point in their early career. However, through their proactiveness, they have revealed that what counts is how we react to failure. They consistently challenge me to do better and be better, while still making sure to validate my work and progress. I just love coming into work and feeling like I am making an impact on products and customers in a positive way and that my voice is valued throughout these changes.”

Nam Maneerat

Nam Maneerat – Data Science Intern: “What I have enjoyed the most at SparkPost is being able to collaborate and work with many teams. I also got to work with real-world, complicated data sets, helping develop my data science skills. People at SparkPost are also very welcoming and supportive, making me feel comfortable and happy to work with them.”

Nick Marini

Nick Marini – Channel Sales Intern: “What I enjoyed most about SparkPost was the people and the work. Working with people that truly care and are there to help every step of the way is a great feeling, and contributing to work that provides real results was amazing. Working for SparkPost was the best experience I could’ve asked for this summer.”

So, What’s Next? TBD!

After talking with the other interns, we would not change this opportunity for the world. We were lucky enough to have the most supportive mentors, feel like true team members, and now we are ready to tackle the world. 

Thank you, SparkPost. 

~Lauren Stein
Social Media & Content Intern

Lauren Stein

(P.S. I’m staying on for the next semester, so you’ll be hearing more from me!)