This week I’ve been lucky enough to be in Seattle, WA, attending MozCon, the advanced SEO and inbound marketing conference hosted by While I expected to learn a lot about what’s new and exciting in the world of website optimization, I was struck by something else that I “knew”, but hadn’t really grasped the magnitude of at all: the whole world is suddenly multi-channel. And it happened overnight.

Roger looks at the Multi-Channel World before him

I know it sounds silly that I’m only realizing this now – we’ve been saying this at Message Systems for some time: consumer’s expectations about how we communicate with them have changed, and if you don’t stay ahead of their expectations you will be left behind.

But I was still looking at this future through email-colored glasses, and by the end of the first day of the conference I was struck by how pervasive mobile — with its text messages and apps — has become, and how it is changing the way we communicate with everyone. And its not just us US-based, early-adopters I’m talking about. The statistics on Internet and messaging access via mobile in emerging markets are staggering. For vast numbers of people around the world, mobile phones are the Internet.

Once that realization set in, it became clear that a lot of the important knowledge and best practices that I was gaining at this inbound marketing conference also applied to how businesses need to approach their communications as a whole:

  • Your customers, prospects and community will respond best when you engage them in meaningful two-way conversation that makes them feel appreciated and valued.
  • They are everywhere – and on every device – imaginable, and they expect to communicate with you easily, no matter where they are or what device they are using at that moment.
  • Marketers, community managers, client support teams, and everyone else who communicates with them need to ensure that they are providing consistent, quality content across all of those devices, optimized for each channel, interchangeably.

As a marketing professional, it will be no easy task, and I found myself madly scribbling to-do’s and lists of all the things we need to accomplish to keep up with this massive shift that’s already well underway. But I also find it fascinating, and even a little thrilling, to be in this industry at this time, and have a front-row seat to watch everything about the way companies do business with their customers change.

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