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Mistakes. That dreaded word. We’ve all made them, and now here are some ideas on how to avoid email marketing mistakes in the first place – especially during the holiday season.


3 Ways to Avoid a Holiday Scrooge-Fest

Here are Scrooge’s latest hits – the common complaints email marketers hear during the holiday season.

  • Just Send More, Dammit!”
  • “We Are Not Standing Out In The Inbox!”
  • “Why Did We Get Blocked?”

Do these sound familiar? If they do, then check out some of the tips in this article for dealing with these issues. From re-mailing specific segments of the subscriber list, to having a pre-season email plan, dedicated IPs and list cleaning – there should be something in here to help you preserve your brand reputation, while keeping all stakeholders happy.


Email Marketing: What I’ve learned from writing almost 1,000 emails for MarketingSherpa

Senior Marketing Manager Justin Bridgegan from MarketingSherpa, provides some advice from his experience of writing 1000 emails.

  • Tip 1: Your email audience is most like skimming so stand out quickly.
  • Tip 2: Used benefit-focused language and offer real value as opposed to selling all the time.
  • Tip 3: Clarity is key
  • Tip 4: Always test

As Justin states, he’s found 10,000 ways not to write an email, so distilling his years of wisdom into 4 concise points is most helpful!


The Habits Of Highly Ineffective Email Marketers

Here are the first 10 of the 20 habits of highly ineffective email marketers from email expert Loren McDonald:

  1. Relying on meaningless metrics
  2. Not deriving deeper insights from data
  3. Benchmarking against the average vs the best
  4. Underutilizing great email technology features
  5. Not looking to other departments for resources
  6. Underinvesting in staff education
  7. Waiting to be told what the prevailing email best practice is
  8. Not auditing email and web experience
  9. Settling for email’s status quo
  10. Not getting involved in email vendor discussions

To sum up, just being good enough isn’t good enough when it comes to email marketing!


Six Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Here’s another list of mistakes that marketers sometimes make.

A whooping 77% of consumers indicated that email is their preferred channel when it comes to permission-based promotional marketing, so marketers would do well to heed these lists!


The Email Marketing Holiday Calendar

And here’s one last mistake not to make – forgetting to build your email calendar around holidays.

email marketing holiday calendar

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