Delivering A First Class Customer Service Experience

For Travel & Tourism professionals, customer service is more than getting their customers from A to B. It’s about delivering a rich experience that will enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ensure repeat business.

This experience often begins with reliable email communication. Of course, most companies already have an established communication process in place. Emails are sent out, but that doesn’t mean they reach their recipients. Did you know, for example, that 28% of all sent email is either rejected or ends up in the spam folder? That’s more than one in four emails! Just consider the impact a change to baggage allowance or a canceled flight would make to your customer’s experience; particularly if they were not informed about it! Furthermore, many travel organizations provide loyalty programs, which are built upon frequent email communication to their customer database. But these inducing emails, offering limited-time discounts or repeat customer rates, can be successful only if they reach their target audience, and reach them on time.

Come Meet Our Team At The Travel Technology Expo

At SparkPost, we understand the criticality of successful email communication to the Travel businesses’ sustainability and growth. At Travel Technology Expo, taking place on February 21st and 22nd at London Olympia, we shall be presenting email delivery solutions that help Tourism professionals maintain a consistently reliable email service and improve the deliverability and performance of their email communication. Whether you send a few thousand or billions of emails, our easily configured, solid and scalable platform will provide you with proven highest delivery rates, as well as the industry’s most comprehensive analytics.

Whether it’s for critical information about a booking, or last minute updates on a travel itinerary, or just featuring special offers and discounts, emails are a fast and effective communication stream for supporting a coherent customer engagement strategy. SparkPost can help Travel organizations improve email delivery and provide a first class experience to their customers. Make sure to meet our team at Travel Technology Expo to discover more & send us a tweet to let us know if you will be there!