Big news on the user conference front. We’ve just secured not one, but two panel sessions this year for our annual user conference. That’s right, email marketers – when you register for Insight 2014, you’ll gain access to the all-star A-list Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Big Sender panels. Here’s what in store for you:

Day 1

Wake up all psyched for one of the industry’s best conference on digital messaging, be it for email or mobile. Today, you’re in for a treat. As ISPs move toward using TLS encryption and message transport, senders are scrambling to meet these new requirements. TLS: What It Means for Senders Now and in the Future brings together panelists from some of the biggest senders in the industry today. Twitter Postmaster, Josh Aberant and LinkedIn Postmaster, Franck Martin will lead a discussion on the overview of email encryption with a focus on TLS, the present and future direction of the protocol, what could be coming next with TLS and what kind of attacks can be prevented with implementation of SSL/TLS.

Day 2

Your adrenaline is still high from the Big Senders panel and just when you think it can’t be topped, you’re at the edge of your seat for the ISP panel, When Senders & Receivers Work Together, We All Win. Remember that one day, when your time-sensitive email couldn’t get through to the intended recipients and you were sweating bullets trying to figure out why the ISPs put their foot down? Get your questions answered as we bring back the most talked about session from 2013. This A-list top tier ISP panel will cover topics in the email world such as DMARC, feedback loops, IPv6, domain reputation and email encryption. Panelists include:

  • John Scarrow, General Manager, Microsoft
  • Lachlan Maxwell, System Architect, AOL
  • Severin Walker, Manager, Anti–Abuse Engineering, Comcast
  • Eric Tozek, Director of Messaging Products, Synacor

Stop groping about in a murky haze of confusion and gain clarity on the do’s and don’ts of high volume sending from the gatekeepers and experts of email. If you register today, you’ll still be eligible for an early bird discount!