In this season of the Bachelor, we are fortunate enough to have an NFL player who has had a whopping zero minutes of playing time during his entire career. Clayton Echard is also the only Bachelor who hasn’t been in the spotlight yet and was not a fan favorite at all. 

However, we’re not here to discuss Clayton as the Bachelor. What we will be spotlighting are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day email designs this year. 

Two years ago we handed out “roses” to the email influencers we love most.

Then last year, we handed out our “roses” to the email trends we were most excited about.

This year we’re giving our “roses” out to Valentine’s Day email designs we like best. 

There were many contenders for love-filled email designs but we are throwing touchdowns to just these few.  

Check out the designs we’re giving our roses to this Valentine’s Day:

“💗 Love at first Step 💗” from Keds, will you accept this rose (for your minimalist email design)? 

This email is easy to digest, easy to click through and has minimal copy with a clean layout. 

V-Day is 10 Days Away 💖” from MilkBar, will you accept this rose (for your fun email design)

This email is simple, fun, and makes you want to take a big bite of cake! 

Valentine’s Day is for everyone,” from Crate&Barrel, will you accept this rose (for your engaging email design)? 

This email is minimalistic and provides customers with both cooking/baking essentials and some delicious recipes to go with them! We loved this idea to further engage with your audience and go beyond just a simple shopping experience.


Spread some extra sweet love this Valentine’s Day! 


Lauren Stein, SparkPost Marketing Intern


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