How can you leverage key data that your company already has to improve the relevance and performance of your email marketing campaigns? This was the exact question that our panelists tried to answer during the “Leveraging Data in Marketing” chat at OptIn’19. We gathered experts from Madison Logic, Phrasee, Kayak and Havas Helia to discuss how their organizations make use of data to inform their marketing campaigns and improve customer experience. Moderated by Cory Johnson, this panel proved to be about more than numbers.

Jenn Steele, CMO of Madison Logic, began the conversation by discussing her experience working with Amazon’s vast data set versus Madison Logic’s, which is a much more manageable size. She made the point that having too much data can lead to major issues for marketing teams but also went on to say that “people with smaller data sets are more averse to testing which is a shame because you don’t get better if you’re not testing.” For Jenn, data sets of any size come with their own unique challenges.

Olivia Knighton, Sales Manager at Phrasee, focused on the pitfalls of using old data. Knighton said that a huge part of her work revolves around challenging the analysis and insights gained from older data sets. One way to turn old data on its head? According to Knighton, you should stop segmenting by “traditional” categories like men vs. women and opt for groups that reflect specific language patterns  (rather than just their gender).

John Ferris, Director of Engineering at Kayak, spoke to his organization’s strategy when recommending travel options to their customers via email. While Kayak certainly has a huge wealth of data about their customers, he said that Kayak tries to make very few assumptions about things like how much users are willing to spend on flights or hotels. Additionally, he focused on how Kayak was able to use trends in their data to identify the “Iceland Boom” before it happened and offer cheap tickets to Reykjavik to their email subscribers!

Finally, Michael Kinstlinger, Sr. Email Campaign Manager at Havas Helia talked about how his organization uses data to stratify customers into engagement tiers. By sending to those that have historically been the most engaged first, his team has seen positive impacts to deliverability. Additionally, he mentioned that when his team implements email strategy for their clients they use different subject lines for those who tend to open emails versus those who have never opened one of their emails before.

From AI to machine learning, our panelists discussed how to best leverage the right data in email marketing to maximize return. Want to hear all of the amazing insights our panelists shared during “Leveraging Data in Marketing” at OptIn’19? Be sure to watch the instant replay of the panel ASAP!

~ Erica