PowerMTA’s 5.0r5 release supports a volume-based pricing model. A volume-based license allows for more flexibility and scaling within a system architecture than traditional server-based pricing. This is incredibly valuable for teams that want to move to a cloud-based architecture but don’t want to move to a SAAS solution or to stop using PowerMTA – we don’t blame you for that! 

Enabling this feature is as simple as placing your key in PMTA’s config and opening the proper port once your contract allows for a volume-based license model. 

The release of our volume-based licensing model is another step in our team’s commitment to build and release features that align with our customer’s needs and architecture. Coupling volume-based licensing with PMTA’s HA proxy feature allows customers to rapidly scale-up to handle peak traffic loads and then scale back down without reducing the available number of IPs they have for sending. This creates an opportunity for significant cost savings when utilizing a public cloud service.

Volume-based licenses eliminate the dependency on tying a PMTA license to a specific MAC address on a server. This allows you to spin up a new instance when your loads are peaking without having to reach out to support – although you’re always welcome to. It also enables you to leverage some of the cost savings provided by public clouds when a MAC address isn’t guaranteed to be stable or consistent in the long term. 

The SparkPost website, blog, and PMTA customer forums have a wealth of information about running your MTA in a public cloud such as AWS, GCP, or Azure. We’ve seen many customers confidently operate PMTA in the cloud for years and we will continue supporting development and new features that drive value for our customers with this setup. 

We’re excited to deliver this new license model to the customers that need it most. If your team already has an architecture model that would benefit from a volume-based license, we’d love to hear from you or if you have more questions about this offering – contact us today! 

Happy Sending,