If you have an on-premises email solution today, you know how much work it is to maintain the database, spin up new servers, worry about bandwidth and capacity, and have recommendations ready for when your ISP goes down or power goes out.

Beyond the database portion and building up your own environment, the email metrics are nothing to write home about. There is no way to see open or click metrics and no way to really check to see if a campaign did well or look at historical performance of campaigns over time. And the truth is, many folks turn to outside consultants to help bridge the knowledge gap and the ongoing maintenance, which can be costly over time.

While moving your email infrastructure to the cloud may sound like a daunting hassle, what if I told you it’s really not all that hard. In fact, there are many options that you have at your fingertips today as an on-premises user that can get you real-time analytics and the email expertise at your fingertips, without having to hire a consultant or a dba.

In our upcoming webinar, “On-Premises and Cloud: Putting the Pieces Together,” you’ll have an opportunity to hear directly from our team of on-premises experts about how to confidently use both on-prem and cloud solutions as well as what it really means to migrate completely to the cloud. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out it’s not as painful as you think.

Register to hear our experts speak about:

  • The pros and cons of deploying Momentum or PowerMTA in cloud services
  • How to downsize physical data centers and cut costs·
  • SparkPost’s cloud offering and how it works
  • SparkPost’s new features including BYOIP and SparkPost Signals for on-prem
  • How you can leverage PowerMTA or Momentum with SparkPost
  • Implementation of hybrid on-prem/cloud solutions
  • BONUS: Upcoming networking events with our partners for our on-prem customers

Hope to see you there!

~ Tracy