It’s not the same bank your parents used – digital is a game changer

Thanks to the digital world, there are new ways to market to today’s financial services customers. New marketing technology presents challenges and opportunities in how we engage with customers and create more personalized experiences, tailored to their needs.

With technology solutions like Novantas and SparkPost, you can use advanced segmentation to learn the value derived from lifetime activities and use analytics and metrics to optimize the customer’s lifecycle with your retail bank, creating a personalized banking experience that results in customer loyalty.

Pump up your Marketing Game

The game has changed. Retail banks used to wait for the customers to come to them.

“Did you know that since 2015, the impact of the branch on new-to-bank checking acquisition declined by roughly 10% while marketing’s impact on the same category has increased 10% and is still growing?” – Hank Israel, director, Novantas

Now, banks need to reach out to use marketing and MarTech acquisition tools to build their clientele. Marketing spend is on the rise.

The Right Marketing Tools Can Set You Apart from your Competition

According to Acquisition IQ Insights, the top priority for many banks will be getting the data and marketing technology to help them gain insights into what consumers want from their bank. Then, they can build it with personalized programs that fit their needs. Analytics and data show the ‘who’ based on engagement and refining those customer lifecycles, allowing the banks to deliver a more personal and continuous journey with the customer.

Novantas offers a range of analytically oriented solutions for banks: pricing, risk, distribution analysis, product development, complemented by personalization, segmentation, and strategy implementation expertise – tools to help them figure out who to target and who to say what to.

Add to that, SparkPost, the #1 Predictive Email Intelligence Platform which unifies email deliverability and email analytics and you are building the right set of tools.

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Marketing has become a dominant force for revenue growth in the battle for retail bank relationships. As consumer preferences continue to shift rapidly to digital channels, there is both a great challenge and opportunity to create a customer journey that is more personalized and engaging.

In this joint webinar from SparkPost and Novantas, we will explore the evolution to customer-level treatments within retail banking, the challenges of current processes, and how advanced segmentation can be applied to optimize the impact of your marketing efforts in customer acquisition.

Join speakers Tom Mairs, Director of Customer Success at SparkPost and Hank Israel, Director, Novantas in an interactive conversation about:

  • A customer case study illustrating best practices one customer used to enhance engagement
  • The importance of personalization and analytics to highlight data and offer health score
  • How to benchmark your campaigns and marketing spend across others in the industry

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~ Erica