Customer Portal

A couple months ago, we rolled out the first phase of our customer portal, the customer support site. In addition to the introduction of a more transparent process when submitting support tickets, the support site also has self-service options and a knowledge base to assist customers in troubleshooting and implementation of our solutions.

Today marks another new beginning for us, as we are pleased to present the brand new customer portal. On this new easily-accessed portion of the website, customers gain quick access to many of our services:

  • Product Documentation and Downloads
  • Message Systems University (new!)
  • Customer Support
  • Customer-centered events, like our Annual User Conference

The launch of the new Message Systems Customer Portal represents our unending drive to help our customers succeed by empowering them with resources and information to drive greater deliverability, customer engagement and ultimately, revenue. Here’s a little teaser of what’s in store for you at the Customer Portal.

Gain access to our comprehensive documentation, product downloads, and other customer-exclusive content in the Product Resources section.

Have a good grasp of our solutions? Further your knowledge with freemium content or dive deeper into our solutions with an Message Systems University subscription. Our University offers various options for you to become a messaging master through self-paced online courses, online group training or on-site hands-on training.

If you run into a brick wall with your implementation, hop over to Support to submit a ticket, or try your hand at troubleshooting with information garnered from our knowledge base and FAQs.

Pleased as pie that you’re seeing dramatic improvements in your messaging? We are too. Network and learn from other happy customers at our annual User Conference in San Diego! The who’s who of the email world will be there and hopefully, so will you! Check out our two panels this year comprising of ISPs and big senders including Google, LinkedIn, Comcast, AOL, Twitter, Microsoft, Synacor and Facebook.

The Message Systems Customer Portal is still a work in progress, and we’ll be working to add new features in the near future, so be sure to check back for updated content regularly.

As the global leader in email, we work with the world’s biggest senders, sending out 20% of global non-spam email on their behalf. Discover how some of the world’s most renowned brands have greatly improved their sending operations with Momentum with the Customer Success E-Book!