You’re going on an adventure!

Let’s cut to the chase here – creating an email production workflow takes a lot more than people think. So it’s no wonder that the following question chills the bones of many email marketers:

“Can you just send another email campaign?”

We felt you shudder, even through the internet. It’s rare that such a simple request carries so much baggage with it. What’s worse is that many brands are stuck with inefficient email production and creation processes, which makes the baggage even heavier.

A common email production process is akin to an arduous journey that only the brave embark upon – which is fitting because email marketers are such heroes.

There are trials, pitfalls and sometimes a sense that what you are being asked to achieve is impossible. It’s like a great fantasy quest, except with more HTML and less chainmail. 

There is a better way. 

That’s why we’ve created a guide that maps out the entire email creation process as a heroic quest, with each of your email marketers being their own style of hero.

But, and I reckon Frodo could have really used these, we’ve included learnings, advice and guidance on how you can combat the inefficiencies and roadblocks that slow and frustrate your current process. Turn a quest into a cakewalk.

So, pick up the email editor and become who you were born to be – an email hero.

Join us on the journey to discover why many email production workflows are so inefficient, and what you can do to fix them.

Get questing!