Anyone who’s ever shopped for a home knows what a grueling process it can be. While it can be a very exciting time, it also tops the list for one of the most stressful things you can experience as an adult?

Having recently been through the process, I thought it was cool to know that Zillow, the leading real estate database company uses SparkPost technology to send their emails! While we did work with a real estate agent through the process, Zillow was an awesome supplemental tool in our search. Zillow made it easy to quickly rule things out or favorite items to add to our weekend open house circuit. The tool allows you to save specific search parameters based on location, budget etc and get notified immediately via email as listings hit the market.

Before our agent could even dial my number, any listing that had gone on the market fitting my search parameters would be in my inbox. In a hot real estate market, delays in those emails could make a huge difference to home shoppers. With only a limited number of houses hitting the market each week, it was so important to get these emails as close to instantly as we could – and it was really sweet to know that SparkPost was responsible for making that happen!

Below is a bit more detail on how Zillow uses SparkPost to communicate and why it’s such a cool application.

When it comes to purchases, there are few that are more important and time-sensitive than buying a home. Not only do prospective homeowners have to handle timing their buy with the rise and fall of the housing market, but on a much smaller scale, they must make time in their schedules to go to open houses.

Launched in 2006, Zillow has become the dominant marketplace for real estate information online relying heavily on email to deliver up-to-date content to homebuyers. And, with over 110 million U.S. homes in its database, it’s critical that Zillow provides its users with timely notifications as to which homes are up for grabs. More than that, messages need to be sent out in time for users to build out their open house viewing schedules for the upcoming weekend. If a user’s dream home is open for viewing on Sunday but they don’t get the email message regarding the open house until minutes before the showing…that just won’t work!

That very scenario is why Zillow relies on SparkPost to send their email. In fact, Justin Faris, Director of Product at Zillow, said “SparkPost’s API and reliability have been solid. SparkPost can handle surges in our email volume any time those bursts occur, such as when we need to deliver messages for the time-sensitive weekend open house and buying cycle.”

Zillow carefully sends email notifications to customers based on where they are in the homebuying process. Are they just starting their search for a home? Are they in escrow? These two different customer profiles require different kinds of emails at different cadences. With such attention to detail and an overwhelming amount of customer personas, it’s not shocking that Zillow has chosen SparkPost to make sure emails are sent to users without any hiccups.

With SparkPost, Zillow has seen a 161% increase in open rates indicating that email continues to be one of the core ways that Zillow’s customers interact with their brand. Zillow’s continued reliance on and success with SparkPost isn’t rare. As the world’s #1 email sender, trusted to send 37% of the world’s business email, it’s no surprise that when great companies like Zillow need to get email right they choose SparkPost.

~ Jen