Competitive Email Intelligence to Win in the Inbox

Competitive Tracker is the only competitive email marketing intelligence solution that actively tracks millions of domains across 200,000 brands in 100+ industries.

competitive Email Intelligence

Know Beat Your Competition

Competing for attention in the inbox is more challenging than ever. Get deep visibility into your competitors’ email campaigns, including performance, content and design, and more – and develop strategies to beat them in the inbox.

Key Capabilities

Journey Mapping

Gain insights into 5 different consumer journeys to see how competitors structure their campaigns and how they perform.

Brand Compare

Benchmark your audience, activity, and best/worst performance against other brands’ email campaigns.

Quickly filer through billions (with a B) of emails to find actionable insights you can leverage in your next campaign.

Brand Tracker

Easily assess a competitor in a single view to see domain performance and the campaigns that drive in high engagement.

Overlap Analysis

Monitor competitor campaign performance and develop strategies to boost your own engagement.

Scheduled Reports

Heaps of competitive data can be delivered right to you on a schedule that works for you and your team.

This platform is wonderful. I love the competitive tracker tool, and being able to monitor ISP’s individually. This tool enabled us to detect our pain points with our email sends, so we could make changes for improvement. It gives you visual insight into competitors, DNS records, email performance, subject line analysis and more.

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Email Data & INtelligence

The Most Comprehensive Email Data Footprint

Our exclusive consumer panel data means access to competitive email insights that you can’t get anywhere else. Competitive Tracker is the only analytics product that aggregates data on actual consumer behavior, licensed mailbox placement data, highly evolved email AI emulations and traditional seeds.

Learn from the Experts

7 Key Competitive Email Insights

Great, you have a lot of data about your competitors’ email campaigns – now what? We distill the 7 key insights that turn data into intelligence and winning email strategies.

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SparkPost is not only the world’s largest email sender – we also have the largest email data footprint in the world. Learn more about the depth and diversity of our data.

Unlocking Competitive Intel

Learn how to leverage the power of analytics and competitive intelligence to uncover opportunities to gain an edge on competition and capture subscriber attention

Experts, Here for You

SparkPost has a team of experts ready to guide you at every stage of your email program. It’s no wonder we’re trusted by the most sophisticated senders to elevate their email.