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Email Matters When Competition for Customers is Fierce

Moving product from suppliers has to be closely followed by delivering messaging about newly available product to customer inboxes. Today’s mobile first, flash and community sales E-Commerce companies have woven email into a rich tapestry of digital marketing techniques. Complicating matters is the seasonal nature of retail with regularly scheduled months of high traffic and competition. E-Commerce email’s critical role during the holiday shopping season means that messages have to arrive to the inbox, on time, and be highly personalized in order to be successful.

Consider the ways email affects customer experience:

  • Deliverability has, and remains a critical factor that can decide between success and failure. Out of sight out of mind is the result of E-Commerce email that doesn’t hit the inbox and is reflected in opportunity and revenue loss.
  • Data breaches often start with compromises in messaging security and responsible for millions of dollars of revenue loss and often irreparable harm to a brand.
  • Growth doesn’t happen over the course of a year, the viral nature of the internet means that growth can happen nearly overnight! Scaling email to match growth and demand is costly and complicated not to mention fraught with deliverability pitfalls as volume increases.
  • ESPs achieved prominence in the early 2000’s as email catapults, but in today’s data driven world, easily enabling highly personalized automated, trigger based email is expensive, slow and never real-time.

SparkPost’s Solution for E-Commerce


  • SparkPost’s inbox placement is consistently the highest in the industry.
  • Documented improvements to deliverability have resulted in dramatically higher ROI and increased brand engagement.
  • Competition at the register is only second to that of the inbox; SparkPost’s platform optimizes the ability of E-Commerce emails to reach their intended recipient through an adaptive email network built on top of over 3000 rules addressing today’s deliverability landscape.

Behavioral Data

  • Easily connect all of your data stores, from web to social, mobile, email and more to make messaging decisions in real-time and based on measured customer behaviors.
  • Quickly analyze messaging outcomes through analytics delivered on request through an API or streamed through webhooks into real-time decisioning frameworks.
  • SparkPost provides 35+ data points to optimize messaging with each iterative cycle.
  • Create messaging frameworks by brand, product, campaign through flexible schemas and granular reporting.
  • Easily integrate SparkPost analytics with your existing BI tools to achieve holistic and meaningful reporting that tracks your goals and improves your ability to stay relevant in a complex landscape.


  • Built on top of Amazon’s AWS, SparkPost leverages the industry’s leading E-Commerce security paradigm and technology to keep you and your customers safe from malicious hackers.
  • Multi-factor authentication designed to protect access to sensitive messaging infrastructure from internal threats aimed at damaging a brand.


  • On-demand capacity just when you need it. There’s no need to keep idling servers on hand for seasonal capacity; the cloud’s elasticity ensures that regardless of the holiday, your messaging infrastructure will scale seamlessly.
  • Guaranteed burst rates ensure that email intended to drive revenue and customer engagement are sent on time.
  • Prioritization of critical transactional email means that marketing messages never delay password resets, purchase confirmations, or any other user-generated message.

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Why the Cloud Wins

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