Technical Account Management (TAM)

Dedicated Support For Enterprise Senders

Technical Account Managers Dedicated To Your Success

When email is mission-critical to your enterprise, you need a team that will stand with you every step of the way. Don’t leave your business in unknown hands—you need a named and dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) who knows you and knows your implementation. SparkPost’s TAMs deliver full-service support to customers of our Premium and Enterprise add-on plans.

Meet Your TAM, An Email Superhero

SparkPost’s TAMs are experienced email pros who are advocates and resources dedicated to your success. They not only understand the SparkPost platform inside and out, but they’re also industry experts who understand the critical nature of email at scale. In fact, no one knows email better than your TAM. This unique combination of technical and strategic experience gives you a valuable boost to your email performance, ensures business continuity when transitioning email programs, and helps you to navigate compliance with a myriad of technical, policy, and deliverability best practices.

Backed By The Best Team In The business

You won’t go it alone. Your TAM is backed by a dedicated operations staff charged with 24×7 monitoring of the cloud infrastructure and message queues. And they work with SparkPost’s deliverability services team to smooth the way for delivery to ISPs around the world.

Proactive Service & Success

Your TAM is your ally throughout your experience with SparkPost. They will lead you through onboarding, email program discovery and strategy, technical implementation, go-live, and ongoing support. Throughout, they help you implement deliverability best practices and give you proactive support to ensure your email program delivers business value.

Your Email Team Is Standing Ready

Your new email superheroes are ready to work for you today. To learn more about the enhanced services included with our Premium and Enterprise add-on plans, contact us. A SparkPost representative will assist you in evaluating your needs.

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Case Study: Tobi

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