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Do you have the email data you need to help your campaigns shine? Email marketers are under more pressure than ever to deliver demand – especially in the retail space. Combine all this good data + our industry expertise + your killer campaigns, and you can rest assured that your holiday programs are on the right track this year.

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2021 Amazon Prime Day Event Recap
by John Landsman

2021 Amazon Prime Day Event Recap

Now well-entrenched and highly anticipated, this year’s Prime Day event was Amazon’s seventh. Amazon’s more than 120 million Prime members guarantee the event’s high visibility and reach. Prime …

SparkPost’s 8 Email Data Sources

As the world’s largest email sender with the largest analytics footprint, we believe that no single data source can provide a full picture of your email performance. At SparkPost, we’re proud to tout eight different sources that give our customers a holistic view of their email strategy.

Check out this infographic and accompanying blog post to help you understand these intelligent, diverse, and comprehensive sources.

Email in 2021

Email professionals dealt with unique challenges in 2021 that will no doubt have lasting effects on the email industry as well as marketing in general. Email in 2021, is a benchmark report that leaves no stone unturned.

Take a look back at trends, behaviors, and benchmarks that shaped the email industry. In addition to a deep analysis of emails trends around content, privacy, and engagement, we also surveyed top marketing leaders to produce this comprehensive report.