Email Hot Topic: iOS 15

Combat iOS 15’s Impact on Email

Ultimate FAQ Guide on Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection

When Apple announced that Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) would be coming to their Mail app on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey devices the email world was rocked. MPP has cast a shadow of doubt over the metrics you’re used to relying on so we’ve written this guide for you – the email professional working hard every day and needing some support through this major change.

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What the iOS 15 Changes Mean for Email

Apple rattled the email world with its announcement of new Mail Privacy Protections. In this panel webinar, we share more about iOS 15’s impact on email, including the results of some testing we conducted within the iOS 15 environment. You won’t want to miss this discussion on what we think these changes mean for the email industry.

The Impact of iOS 15 on Email Opens

So Mail Privacy Protection is here. Now what? In this on-demand webinar, our expert panel took all your questions and discussed what email pros can do to lessen the risks to their organizations as a result of the impact. Hear from those industry experts on where we might go from here.