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[sp_image_tabset][sp_image_tab box_img="13204" content_img="13205" title="Blueshift" links=" More\n"]Blueshift's integration with SparkPost enables B2C marketers to craft rich, 1:1 emails and mobile journeys. Blueshift offers behavior based triggered messaging, along with AI powered 1:1 content recommendations. Marketing users can use a visual campaign builder to orchestrate cross-channel journeys, with full-funnel real-time measurement.[/sp_image_tab][sp_image_tab box_img="2660" content_img="3924" title="Boomtrain" links=" MORE\n"]
Boomtrain and SparkPost have integrated to give customers the ability to send individually relevant mobile app and email notifications at any scale. Boomtrain leverages machine learning and predictive algorithms to drive increased clicks, engagement, and revenue through customer communications. SparkPost users can surface the content that’s most likely to engage any individual and deliver it in a quick and efficient manner.
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Cordial is a cross-channel marketing platform helping marketers create highly personalized experiences and use data in imaginative ways to communicate with customers across email, SMS, and mobile apps. Founded in San Diego, CA, Cordial was created with the belief that marketing should be more thoughtful and that brands deserve a better experience working with technology partners. Today, brands like Revolve, Backcountry, Eddie Bauer, and Purple rely on Cordial’s platform and people to drive revenue growth and to send a better message.

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EasyMail7 is a great in-house email marketing software on Windows® for small to medium size businesses. The solution is designed for marketing and sales professionals looking to maximize the results of their online marketing. EasyMail allows users to send large volumes of personalized emails while having full control over email messages, contact lists, auto responders, email delivery, and reputation. It works as a powerful front-end to the advanced delivery features of the SparkPost account.
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Email Monks is a leading email design and HTML coding company, offering responsive email/newsletter templates design and email templates HTML coding.

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Infacta develops software and service solutions that help to create, distribute, and measure group email campaigns. GroupMail is the email newsletter and marketing software for Windows, while Hoolie offers an email-marketing platform for Mac. SparkPost has integrated with both Infacta products to make sending beautiful newsletters, email campaigns, and contact management a breeze.
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Iterable integrates directly with SparkPost to provide the best email deliverability and send speeds. With Iterable, marketers send the right message, to the right device, at the right time. Iterable’s growth marketing platform seamlessly supports blast campaigns, triggered campaigns, transactional email and mobile push notifications, along with powerful segmentation, dynamic workflows, A/B testing and much more. Iterable and SparkPost make real-time consumer marketing simple.
[/sp_image_tab][sp_image_tab box_img="27571" content_img="27569" title="Kickdynamic Ltd" links=" it works\n examples\n"]Kickdynamic: Powering live dynamic email content. Increase revenue and save valuable resource time by quickly and easily personalizing content to a customers preferences, propensity to purchase, browse history, and more..[/sp_image_tab][sp_image_tab box_img="3664" content_img="3934" title="lytics" links=" More\n"]
Connect Lytics and SparkPost to build custom, action-driven user segments from email and webhook data. By leveraging marketing data to create behavior-rich user profiles, you can design and execute personalized email campaigns that resonate with the recipient. Understand how customers interact with your brand and target them accordingly.
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Mailwizz is a simple, efficient and full-featured email marketing application that is integrated with SparkPost. Mailwizz follows the idea that email marketing should be accessible to everyone and simple as possible. SparkPost users can easily create custom extensions and themes to send email campaigns in just a few easy steps through the campaigns wizard.
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SparkPost and Marketing Rocket have integrated to offer a complete sales and marketing automation software for businesses. Features include automated email marketing, light CRM, drag and drop landing page creation, unlimited attendee webinars, and landing page payments. Their industry leading open source development means Marketing Rocket can easily install directly onto your web host.
[/sp_image_tab][sp_image_tab box_img="32399" content_img="32395" title="Mautic" links=" More\n"]Mautic offers modern marketing automation solutions, enabling bigger brands to create effective, personalized digital experiences. Because our platform flexibly adapts to their team, workflow and technology stack, marketers from 100,000+ organizations now rely on Mautic to quickly build smarter campaigns, and create marketing results their CMOs love.[/sp_image_tab][sp_image_tab box_img="41418" content_img="41420" title="Messagepoint" links=" More\n"]Messagepoint Inc. is a leader in developing and delivering innovative software and services within the Customer Communications Management market. The Messagepoint cloud-based platform helps companies strengthen their customer communications by enabling business users to control the entire messaging lifecycle for all print or digital communications without burdening IT.[/sp_image_tab][sp_image_tab box_img="3910" content_img="3951" title="Movable Ink" links=" More\n"]
Movable Ink pioneered the application of contextual experiences to email. SparkPost customers can use Movable Ink to deliver dynamic content that changes, in real-time, according to the context of each individual consumer. Movable Ink provides the ability to market in the moment and optimize email campaigns to drive ROI while SparkPost ensures fast and reliable inbox placement.
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The Ongage UI, which is built on top of SparkPost’s email deliverability platform, enables users to see dramatic improvements starting with the first integrated campaign. Ongage easily integrates with a SparkPost account to provide the tools needed for effectively managing email-marketing operations and making decisions that improve inbox placement and ROI.
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OpenText and SparkPost have integrated to offer an out of the box solution with OpenText Exstream’s Delivery Manager, a multichannel customer communication management solution (CCM). As OpenText's premier partner for all electronic messaging, SparkPost is helping to empower Exstream’s users create insightful, impactful, real-time customer communications.
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SparkPost is integrated with the Relevance Reactor platform, a user-friendly hosted platform providing custom database and email marketing solutions to data driven marketers.  It provides a database solution that allows users to take advantage of data centralization, de-duplication, normalization, validation, automated imports/exports, fast query times and more. It also offers an email marketing solution with full-featured ESP integrations, centralized email deployments, reporting and tracking.
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SparkPost is integrated with SendBlaster, the bulk email software that manages mailing lists and sets up email marketing campaigns. SendBlaster has combined the practicality of mass email software with the flexibility of a bulk email web service into one product. SparkPost customers can create newsletters and manage lists directly on the desktop while getting a cloud email tracking service that handles reporting and improves email campaigns.
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By combining Sendwithus’ transactional email creation and management tools with SparkPost’s unmatched message deliverability into a single, integrated user interface, we’ve made it easy to create, update, approve, and send transactional emails. The Sendwithus marketing engine provides the instrumentation and tools to optimize content, monitor message performance, and target the most engaged users.
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Taxi for Email is an email production platform for brands, agencies and marketing teams. Taxi helps teams to do their jobs more effectively. Designers can build email templates and control how they are edited. Editors and copywriters’ can focus on creating content without touching HTML, and marketers can oversee progress and manage the team’s workflow. Once a campaign is complete, it is downloaded or exported automatically to a sending platform.