GMC Software Integrates SparkPost into Its New Cloud Messaging Platform

GMC Software Cites SparkPost’s Quality of Service, High Deliverability and Flexibility as Key Factors Behind the Integration

SparkPost, the most performant cloud email delivery service available, today announced that GMC Software, a leader in Customer Communications Management (CCM), has chosen to integrate SparkPost with their new cloud-based messaging platform. GMC Software selected SparkPost because it is recognized as the industry’s most scalable and best-performing email delivery platform. This, coupled with SparkPost’s unrivaled ongoing customer support provided by named and dedicated Technical Account Managers, will ensure that GMC Software’s clients get future-proof solutions that adapt to their rapidly changing market needs.

GMC Software helps companies communicate with their customers and employees by allowing them to create stronger engagement with timely and relevant communications. Through its full integration with SparkPost, GMC Software will leverage the SparkPost API as part of its new Inspire Messenger platform, a cloud-based service that delivers these communications via email. The partnership will allow GMC Software customers to benefit from SparkPost’s real-time analytics, unmatched delivery to the inbox and provide them with the ability to develop contextual, highly-individualized multi-channel communications spanning the entire customer journey.

“Because SparkPost is designed API-first and is native to the cloud, it enables flexible integration of systems and business processes,” said Phillip Merrick, CEO of SparkPost. “Companies — like GMC Software — are able to collect, analyze and leverage the customer information that our real-time data-driven email platform provides. GMC Software’s selection of SparkPost in conjunction with our being a preferred referral partner is one more proof point demonstrating our position as the most reliable and fastest-growing cloud email delivery service on the market.”

GMC Software will initially offer SparkPost’s features and functionalities to its U.S.-based customers. As its new cloud offerings continue to gain market traction, GMC Software plans to expand the use of SparkPost outside the U.S. market.

“We are looking forward to a long-term partnership with SparkPost,” said Zbyněk Hodic, Chief Technology Officer, GMC Software. “As a leader in Customer Communications Management (CCM), we prefer to work with groundbreaking and market-leading technology providers – like SparkPost — to deliver the best-of-breed solutions for our customers and to ensure we maintain a competitive advantage. Partnering with SparkPost allows us to reap numerous benefits, including ongoing technical expertise, cutting-edge and reliable technology built in the cloud and the highest inbox placement rate for our customers’ critically important emails.”

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