SparkPost Unveils Newly Built Capabilities For Its Global Spam Trap Network for Faster, Improved Email Deliverability Insight

Offering Doubles the Classifications Compared to Other Platforms; Effectively Helping Senders Pinpoint Deliverability Issues In Real-Time

COLUMBIA, MD– October 20, 2020 – SparkPost, the world’s largest email delivery and analytics platform delivering nearly 40 percent of the world’s email, today announced it has added additional sources to its Global Spam Trap Network, which provides organizations the ability to monitor and quickly assess which email domains are underperforming and understanding emails that are being flagged as spam. The new level of granular detail on deliverability allows email senders to see which emails, by subject line, are landing in spam traps so email marketers can pivot quickly to remedy issues.

In addition to capturing data from existing third-party spam trap security/monitoring systems — Microsoft SNDS feed, Cloudmark, and Abusix — SparkPost added two additional sources to its Global Spam Trap Network. SparkPost’s unique active and passive spam traps will give email marketers a wider view of spam triggers, either flagged by active, outgoing email communications, or passive unengaged email inboxes. The active and passive traps are composed both of proprietary spam traps created by SparkPost as well as third-party spam trap networks detected and incorporated through our massive permissioned data footprint. The passive network specifically uses proprietary passive DNS techniques to detect the domains on other providers’ active networks. This combination of active and passive networks provides twice as many classifications as competitive products and effectively helps senders pinpoint deliverability issues better than anything in the market today. SparkPost’s Global Spam Trap Network also helps to identify spam trap details, including unrecognized IPs, trap hit times, and domain origins, IPs and subject lines. This level of detail through customizable reports allows marketers to make changes as quickly as they are spotted and course-correct to improve deliverability.

“From an operational standpoint, SparkPost’s Global Spam Trap Network minimizes resources wasted on diagnosing spam issues,” said George Schlossnagle, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at SparkPost. “Email marketers can do their jobs with more confidence, spot problems earlier, and make necessary changes quickly enough so every email campaign is effective. Longer-term, organization reputations stay intact, and organizations can avoid becoming a sender that finds itself regularly landing in spam folders or worse yet, blocklisted and blocked.”

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