SparkPost Announces Free Email Authentication Tools for Developers

Three New Tools Further SparkPost’s Ongoing Collaboration with and Commitment to the Developer Community

SparkPost, the most performant cloud email delivery service available, today released a toolset that enables developers and DevOps teams to build and validate their services’ configuration of key email authentication and conformance standards. These tools are available free of charge to anyone to help email senders improve their mailstreams’ deliverability and protect their domains against attack vectors like spoofing.

Email authentication refers to the technical standards that make it possible for recipients to verify that an email comes from a legitimate source; proper implementation of these standards is necessary to ensure that a developer’s apps and services are able to communicate with users via email. SparkPost’s new email authentication tools enable developers to leverage either or both of two of the most important technical standards: Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). SPF allows senders to define which IP addresses can send mail for a domain. DKIM provides an encryption key and digital signature that verifies an email message was not faked or altered.

Unlike many of the existing email tools generally available today, the new SparkPost tools have a modern UI that makes using them both simple and pleasant. Additionally, the SparkPost tools have the optional ability to save data so developers do not need to re-input all their configurations every time the tools are used.

SparkPost offers three tools to simplify the often-difficult process of configuring DKIM and SPF:

  • DKIM Validator: Provides the easiest way to verify messages have working DKIM signatures.
  • SPF Inspector: Enables domain owners to define what mail servers and domains are permitted to send email on their behalf.
  • SPF Builder: Makes it easy to create a working SPF record for any domain.

“Email authentication standards are critical to protecting an organization’s brand, identity and reputation, but these standards can be difficult to configure and validate,” said Ewan Dennis, developer relations manager at SparkPost. “Working closely with the SparkPost developer community, we’ve developed email authentication tools that not only alert developers and DevOps teams when something’s wrong, but also guides them on how to fix the problem.”

In addition to constantly collecting feedback through a dedicated community Slack channel, customer interviews, user testing, surveys, and developer conferences, SparkPost has created a small team of developer advocates who focus on listening to developers and improving their overall experience.

“Our close collaboration with developers and deep knowledge of email makes us uniquely qualified to build these new email authentication tools now available for the masses,” added Dennis. “Supporting developers and email senders is – and always will be – inherently part of the SparkPost DNA.”

For more information on SparkPost’s free email authentication tools, please visit:

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