SparkPost Announces New Hybrid Cloud Email Deployment Options

New Offering Meets the Complex Communication Needs of Companies in a Dynamic 24/7 Global Marketplace

SparkPost, the world’s most powerful email delivery service, today announced the availability of a new hybrid cloud option for deploying email sending infrastructure. The new option combines the flexibility and managed deliverability of a cloud deployment with the control of an on-premises solution, meeting the complex communication needs of companies in a dynamic 24/7 global marketplace. As a special incentive, any organization that currently has an on-premises solution and wishes to begin sending through in a hybrid cloud configuration by Dec. 31 will receive a 20 percent discount for the first year of their SparkPost subscription.

Hybrid cloud email systems are ideal for businesses that experience a seasonal spike in email messaging at certain times of the year, such as during the holidays. In times of peak activity, they can immediately scale capabilities to meet demand without increasing expensive, on-premises resources that may go unused the majority of the time. Hybrid systems also provide important redundancy, allowing email activities to continue in the event of an on-site or cloud outage. They deliver these benefits without the need to rip-and-replace existing email architecture, allowing cloud and on-premises systems to work together seamlessly to increase the overall success of email programs.

“We’ve long been the leader in traditional email infrastructure, providing services for many of the world’s leading senders,” said SparkPost CEO Phillip Merrick. “Our SparkPost cloud service launch earlier this year was met with acclaim and has achieved astounding success and growth. Now we’re bringing on-premises and cloud technology together into a new powerhouse infrastructure option that maximizes flexibility to meet the needs of any business, any time.”

Increasing revenue and customer engagement from higher delivery rates is another clear benefit of a hybrid cloud solution. Email program management is a resource-intensive task that can prove to be a significant challenge for businesses as they work to develop the in-house expertise to adhere to constantly shifting rules set forth by ISPs – in order to get their emails into the inbox. Meanwhile, they are also tasked with managing multiple email streams that need to be treated differently. In response to this, SparkPost gives organizations transitioning to a hybrid cloud environment a myriad of benefits, including direct access to the SparkPost Adaptive Email Network and highly skilled industry insiders with the expertise to help customers achieve the industry’s highest delivery rates, while allowing them to decide which types of messages originate from their own servers or the cloud. The result – companies can focus on their core competencies while outsourcing the complexities and cost of optimizing email delivery to the SparkPost service and experts.

For additional information on the new hybrid cloud initiative, SparkPost will be hosting a webinar on December 9, 2015 that will focus on the ease of transitioning to a hybrid cloud environment, review use cases and discuss real-world examples. To sign up, visit:

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