SparkPost Announces New Offering Designed Specifically for Service Providers

SparkPost for Service Providers Relieves the Burden of Managing Resource-Intensive Email Infrastructure

SparkPost, the most performant cloud email delivery service available, today announced SparkPost for Service Providers — a technology solution that helps service providers improve their products and drive growth. This offering’s suite of technology and performance features are ideally suited for service providers, a reflection of how closely SparkPost’s business interests align with service providers’ needs. The solution draws on SparkPost’s many years of experience supplying infrastructure software to the world’s largest email service and marketing technology providers.

SparkPost for Service Providers is an industry-leading, API-driven email delivery solution that complements, not competes with, a service provider’s existing systems and services. SparkPost is a true business partner, providing key functional benefits service providers need to maintain their competitive edge and excel at customer engagement, including the market’s highest levels of reliability, inbox delivery, uptime and scalability.

SparkPost for Service Providers solves the immediate needs of service providers that offer email engagement campaigns and services as the core components of their businesses, but struggle to provide cost-effective bursting and solid reliability due to the limitations of their older data center architectures.

Service providers who incorporate email into a broader portfolio offering can also leverage SparkPost for Service Providers to eliminate the complexities of managing email campaigns for multiple customers. Easy provisioning and efficient onboarding is a real boon that helps service providers work more efficiently and accelerate time to revenue.

SparkPost for Service Providers encompasses a wide set of strategic features making this solution ideal for service providers, including:

  • Unmatched reliability and scalability backed by our Enterprise SLA. Uptime and peak capacity are mission critical for service providers. SparkPost’s scalable infrastructure is unmatched by any alternative, on-premises or in the cloud. With SparkPost as a partner, service providers can rely on the industry’s best service-level guarantees, backed by comprehensive SLAs.
  • Proactive support with a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM). No one understands the value of dedicated, full-service support better than service providers themselves. Only SparkPost gives service providers a named and dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) to facilitate onboarding, configuration, and ongoing service management. TAMs are a key resource to help service providers maximize the value of email delivery—and they are committed to ensuring service providers’ success.
  • Proven inbox performance and full-service deliverability management. Senders around the world rely on SparkPost’s industry-leading deliverability and inbox placement. Service providers understand how complex and time-consuming mediating global ISP relationships can be. SparkPost eases this burden with full-service deliverability management and the automation of our Adaptive Email Network (AEN). Whether completely managing deliverability on service providers’ behalf or in consultation with our in-house deliverability staff, SparkPost’s deeply experienced professionals are a key asset to help service providers maximize their success.
  • Faster onboarding and provisioning with fewer compliance risks. For service providers, efficient onboarding, provisioning, and compliance intervention are key to customer satisfaction, faster time to revenue, and reduced operational risk. SparkPost’s automation features, subaccounts capabilities, and compliance tools make it easy for service providers to deliver a great customer experience with less manual overhead—and to protect their overall performance and sending reputation.

“We’re excited to announce this new offering created especially for service providers,” said SparkPost CEO Phillip Merrick. “This solution eliminates the burden and cost of managing internal infrastructure and accelerates revenue generation, while allowing service providers to focus on creating and building a competitive advantage. We believe this offering clearly demonstrates that our business model is — and always will be — 100 percent aligned with theirs.”

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