SparkPost Brings Cloud Email API To The EU, Announces GDPR Compliance

New EU-Hosted Service Offers European Customers Enhanced Performance and Regulatory Compliance

SparkPost, a cloud email API service preferred by leading internet and technology companies, today announced the immediate availability of SparkPost EU. Entirely hosted in the European Union, the service offers companies low-latency delivery of application-generated emails and enhanced compliance with EU privacy and data protection regulations.

Alongside SparkPost EU, the company is also announcing that it is compliant with the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The regulation is due to go into effect on May 25, 2018. SparkPost is already certified under the joint EU-U.S. Privacy Shield framework governing personal data transfer between the EU and U.S.

“Leading European brands turn to us to boost customer engagement and revenue growth, by providing consistent, solid and impeccable email communications. Working with a partner that supports a reliable and highly performant email service, while also endorsing regulatory compliance is critical,” commented Alastair James, CTO at London-based customer marketing platform Ometria. “SparkPost’s EU service and GDPR posture gives us confidence that we’re able to meet our customers’ expectations.”

Ensuring that purchase confirmation, password reset, account activation, and other app-generated emails are delivered on time is critical to a good user experience. It also means that customers are less likely to churn and revenue is protected. With the launch of SparkPost EU, the company’s European customers enjoy the same low-latency, high-performance email delivery as SparkPost’s U.S. customers. Unlike other email API vendors who offer services in the EU but process and send the emails from the U.S., SparkPost EU is hosted entirely in Europe, with email processing and delivery originating from European infrastructure.

“We’re committed to offering leading European internet, software, banking, and media companies the same high level of service as our US customers, which include LinkedIn, Pinterest, The New York Times, Twitter, MailChimp, and Zillow. Alongside performance, we’re very aware that forthcoming data and privacy regulation presents numerous challenges to our European customers,” said Phillip Merrick, SparkPost CEO. “SparkPost EU and our company’s GDPR compliance offer a solution.”

SparkPost offers a number of resources for companies concerned about the impact of GDPR on sending emails from their software products. SparkPost’s GDPR Resource Center is a primer on the GDPR and how it affects email sending, and details SparkPost’s own GDPR compliance.

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