SparkPost Introduces the Industry’s First Predictive Email Intelligence Platform

SparkPost unifies the email delivery and analytics markets with the world’s largest data footprint -- an important step forward in the data-driven future of email

SAN FRANCISCO, May 14, 2019 – SparkPost (, the #1 email delivery and analytics service, today announced SparkPost Signals, the first predictive email intelligence platform which analyzes the behavior of trillions of emails to predict email engagement and delivery health. It allows marketers to optimize their email delivery based on predictive analytics and machine learning to maximize revenue and avoid costly outages. Signals represents a major advancement in email analytics, as SparkPost works to transform the email delivery and deliverability market with data. Customers include Zillow, The New York Times,, Ebates and Zynga.

Signals is powered by the industry’s largest email data footprint, based on SparkPost sending more than 37% of the world’s B2C and B2B email. Signals is available today for SparkPost’s three industry-leading email delivery platforms: SparkPost Cloud, and PowerMTA and Momentum on-premises email software.

“Current email analytics products sit outside the delivery process and don’t have access to ISP behavior and industry-wide sending data, two factors that are essential for finding delivery problems before they occur,” said Rich Harris, CEO of SparkPost. “Signals leverages the world’s largest email data footprint to predict email sending problems and provide actionable recommendations before they impact your business.”

Email deliverability management and analytics is complex and costly to maintain. Using a predictive model that leverages the SparkPost cloud data footprint, Signals provides email teams with real-time insights into deliverability and performance issues, actionable delivery health alerts, and recommendations to optimize email engagement and performance. Mailbox providers like Gmail closely monitor recipient engagement to determine inbox placement, making their engagement a critical part of your email health.  Signals is the first platform to offer predictive engagement alerts to email health problems before they cause business interruption, delivery problems or email outages. Email senders also can learn from and benchmark their own performance against the industry-specific aggregate data generated by senders across the entire SparkPost platform.

“SparkPost Signals gives us a holistic view of our campaigns across all of our brands,” said Justin Farris, director, product management at Zillow. “Visibility into our email health score means we don’t miss critical changes in performance and can quickly take action when issues arise.”  

Core features of the new platform include:

  • Health Score and Alerting: Proactively monitors email delivery health in comparison to other senders in the SparkPost Cloud. It allows customers to track their health by inbox provider and sends alerts to customers when a delivery health problem arises so they can take immediate action.
  • Spam Trap Reporting: Hitting spam traps has a strong negative impact on email performance. SparkPost Signals provides the industry’s broadest visibility across multiple commercial and non-commercial spam trap networks. Spam Trap Monitoring helps reduce risk and remedy problems before they cause sending outages.
  • Engagement Insights: SparkPost Signals monitors engagement data, unsubscribes, spam trap hits, bounces and complaints to highlight the impact of sending to various cohorts of recipients, such as engaged vs. non-engaged recipients.
  • Integration with SparkPost Email Platforms: Signals integrates seamlessly with the SparkPost cloud email delivery service, as well as Momentum and PowerMTA on-premises software.

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About SparkPost

SparkPost is the world’s #1 email sender, trusted by customers like Zillow, The New York Times,, Ebates and Zynga to dramatically increase email performance. SparkPost sends more than 37% of the world’s business to consumer email, more than 5 trillion messages a year. SparkPost’s unmatched data footprint and email analytics help leading enterprises break through the email noise to drive top-line results.