SparkPost Reports High Growth T2D3 Achievement

Company Achieves “Triple Twice, Double Three Times Growth” Pace, Further Extending Leadership Position in Email Infrastructure

SparkPost, the most performant cloud email delivery service available, today announced that its cloud email business has achieved another milestone on its path to T2D3, recognized as critical for SaaS companies’ path to success. The T2D3 path is a very specific, high growth trajectory defined by annual recurring revenue (ARR) which triples for two consecutive years, then doubles for the next three consecutive years. In SparkPost’s case, the company has more than tripled cloud revenues over each of the past two years, putting the company’s cloud business on the same high growth path achieved by cloud leaders such as Salesforce, Workday and Marketo in their early years. The company has also been profitable over the past 15 months.

This comes on the heels of SparkPost’s successful transformation to a cloud-first company during which the company converted to a fully recurring revenue model in just three years. Along with the launch of its cloud email delivery service in November 2014, SparkPost successfully converted and expanded its extensive on-premises enterprise customer base to a fully recurring revenue model. This remarkable financial success was the result of the company remaining focused on providing the best email infrastructure available to its customers in the way that businesses work today and expanding its support services, including becoming the only email infrastructure provider to offer both uptime and burst rate SLAs.

Throughout this period of transition and rapid growth, SparkPost has maintained its position as the world’s largest email infrastructure provider, with its technology sending over 3 trillion messages per year and over 25% of the world’s non-spam email — more than 4x the volume of its nearest competitor, according to eDataSource. The company dominates the enterprise market with customers like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Groupon, Marketo, Zillow, CareerBuilder, the Financial Times and Comcast, and has recently focused increased investment in offerings targeted to meet the mid-market’s needs.

“To successfully transition to the cloud in such a short time is unprecedented” said Phillip Merrick, CEO of SparkPost. “We completely re-architected our product on AWS three years ago. This has given us the benefits of a modern cloud architecture, and allows us to focus on adding functionality and value for our customers, versus having to build and operate our own data centers. I am delighted with our company’s progress and proud of our team’s achievements.”

About SparkPost
SparkPost is the world’s #1 email infrastructure provider, offering the most performant cloud email delivery service available. Customers including Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Groupon, Marketo, Zillow, CareerBuilder, the Financial Times and Comcast send over 3 trillion messages a year, more than 25 percent of the world’s non-spam email. These companies choose SparkPost to provide the deliverability, speed to launch and data insights they need to drive customer engagement for their business. Follow us on Twitter @SparkPost or go to