Being a global company using email for all aspects of business, Eventbrite relied on email as a mission critical channel for both event creators and attendees, but also re-engagement campaigns.

Before SparkPost, setting up deliverability tracking for their emails took hours (and sometimes days) because everything had to be done very manually. Since using SparkPost, Eventbrite can set up seeding for a campaign in a matter of minutes! 

Find out how SparkPost helped Eventbrite:

  • Improve email workflow – cut down seeding for a campaign in a matter of minutes instead of the hours or days it used to take
  • Spend fewer hours spent on email operations – saving hours for the customer experience and email teams.
  • Achieve better deliverability – emails are now landing in the inbox and the Eventbrite team are provided with reliable metrics of their email ecosystem.
  • Create visible deliverability metrics available for all teams – placing less pressure on customer experience and technical teams.