Which members of Congress like to tweet about cyber security? Quorum can tell you.

Quorum is a growing company offering a suite of products at the federal, state, local, and grassroots levels that empower anyone—legislative workers, advocacy professionals, companies, non-profits, citizens, start-ups, and others—to track and influence the legislative process. Their tool suite provides the ability to search, message, track, and connect with public policy and the people who influence those policies.

That’s a lot of sophisticated functionality for a still-young product, and email is an essential aspect of the value Quorum delivers to its subscribers. Robust, fast delivery, along with good security and privacy controls, are major reasons why Quorum relies on the SparkPost email delivery service.

Quorum’s innovative use of email in issue advocacy is a great example of the effectiveness of API-driven email delivery. Download this SparkPost case study to learn more.