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Retail Email Campaigns Infographic

Top Holiday Email Campaign Trends for UK Retailers

Retail Email Campaigns Infographic

Top Holiday Email Campaign Trends for Retailers

Audit Email Program

7 Ways To Audit Your Email Program [Infographic]

Sometimes the trickiest part of creating any marketing strategy is building processes to audit and update the behind-the-scenes and operational parts of your program. Because of this, we’ve created the following infographic to help you picture what...

Retail Consumer Survey Insights

2020 Retail Consumer Insights [Infographic]

We joined forces with SurveyMonkey to poll over 1100 people across varying demographics to better understand how consumers engage with and generally feel about email communications from retail brands. We pulled some of the most surprising highlights ...

Choose Your Own Adventure: Email List Hygiene [Infographic]

It’s easy to head down the wrong path when navigating email list upkeep. While it may be tempting to send to a larger set of subscribers or acquire new segments of your list from third parties, those blunders will likely backfire. This flowchar...

Infographic: SparkPost’s 8 Email Data Sources

As the world largest email sender with the largest analytics footprint, we believe that no single data source can provide a full picture of your email performance. At SparkPost, we’re proud to tout eight different data sources that give our custome...

transactional email benchmark report infographic 2020

2020 Transactional Email Benchmark Report [Infographic]

How Businesses Are Evolving and Growing with Transactional Email in 2020 Email continues to serve as the main communication channel for customer experience. In this year’s Benchmark survey, we polled 300+ email professionals and learned what ch...

email buyers guide

The Buyer’s Guide To Email Delivery Platforms [Infographic]

Dive into the core elements of email delivery and critical factors that buyers should consider when selecting an email delivery vendor. Review this list of features and functionalities and ensure your next email delivery vendor checks all the boxes t...

email strategies 2019

Email Strategies For 2019 [Infographic]

Over the course of 2018, we polled over 500 hopeful Litmus Live attendees to learn about the types of email challenges that keep them up at night. We crunched the numbers and compiled our findings into this handy infographic. Learn from other email e...

Transactional Email Benchmarks [Infographic]

Transactional Email Benchmarks 2018 [Infographic]

Discover What 1,859 Businesses Say About Transactional Email Take a close look at your inbox. You’ll find many of your emails are not interpersonal communication and correspondence, but are e-commerce receipts, social network notifications, and ale...

A Day in the Life of Your Inbox [Infographic]

A Day in the Life of Your Inbox [Infographic]

Rise and shine! A new day awaits. And SparkPost is here to keep you on track with the latest updates in your social networks, work inbox, and financials. Why’s that? Because 37% of the world’s business email is sent using SparkPost technology. Wh...

How to Explain DKIM to Your Grandmother

How To Explain DKIM To Your Grandmother [Infographic]

Need to explain DKIM to your grandmother? All that dangerous spam, phishing, and forgery attacks plague email users around the world—including your unsuspecting grandma. DKIM was created to help email systems verify the identity of an email sender....