Discover What 1,859 Businesses Say About Transactional Email

Take a close look at your inbox. You’ll find many of your emails are not interpersonal communication and correspondence, but are e-commerce receipts, social network notifications, and alerts from business apps.

Transactional emails like these are vital to modern apps and services. They drive user engagement, conversion, and growth.

We surveyed 1,859 SaaS, e-commerce, and other businesses to learn how they’re using transactional messages and other email notifications. In this infographic, discover what they said—and how any sender can improve the effectiveness of their emails with a few simple fixes.

By the way, we made a printable, hi-res PDF version of the infographic for true email infographic fans. Thumbtacks not included.

There’s More Data Where This Came From

Want to get more data? SparkPost’s Transactional Email Benchmark Report has the data-driven benchmarks and best practices that define the state of transactional email in 2018. Download it today.