Email, duh.

The One with Alyssa Nahatis, Head of Global Deliverability at Adobe

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Email, duh. In this episode, George sits down with Alyssa Nahatis, Head of Global Deliverability at Adobe. George and Alyssa have known each other for over 15 years which makes the tone of the conversation casual and congenial– just two friends catching up!

George begins the interview by asking Alyssa how she got her start in email. After years of working in financial services, Alyssa took an interest in technology. She was offered a role at a technology firm where she worked on email marketing. As an email marketer she learned a ton about deliverability which is what led her on the path to becoming a leader within the deliverability space.

Over Alyssa’s 20 years of experience in email she’s observed a ton of changes to the industry. George digs in and asks her what she thinks have been the best and even the worst changes she’s witnessed. George and Alyssa reflect on some of the biggest challenges they’ve had to adapt to during their time in the world of email. Alyssa says that deliverability is detective work that requires a series of steps to diagnose email sending issues and that the ways in which she’s done this have changed over the course of her career.

From there George asks Alyssa about the specific deliverability challenges she faces in her role at Adobe as well as her thoughts and perspectives on deliverability best practices. To hear about this and much, much more tune into this episode of Email, duh.