Email, duh.

The One with Robert Barclay, Director of Product Management at Valimail

Welcome back to Email, duh. This episode features Robert Barclay, Director of Product Management  at Valimail. With over 20 years of experience in the email industry, Robert offers countless insights over his hour-long chat with SparkPost’s Founder and Chief Evangelist, George Schlossnagle.

George begins the interview by asking Robert how he got his start in the email industry. Robert became interested in email during college. He found that email was the cheapest way for him to stay in touch with his friends that attended different universities than himself. He also managed mailing lists for different departments at his college. Through this experience he identified many problems with email, the biggest of which was that at the time there were no management tools to easily solve the issues he discovered! Robert enjoys fixing problems and has found that email has always had a lot of problems that have needed solving!

George and Robert discuss some of the challenges they’ve seen over their tenure in the email industry. Robert points out that he likes that there is a low barrier for entry to use email, however because of this, email can attract bad actors with abusive sending behavior. Even with the “low barriers” Robert notes that policy has increased and improved over the years which has helped keep some of the aforementioned bad actors at bay.

From there, the two dive into sending best practices. Robert explains that even if a user has opted into your mail stream you need to be careful about what you send them. You must only send subscribers what they expect to receive from you in order to maintain the “contract” you have with your user base. 

George and Robert speak in detail about the interaction between email technology, email sending best practices, and of course email policy over the course of this chat. To hear more about these topics from these industry titans and much, much more, sit back, relax and enjoy this episode of Email, duh.