Email, duh.

The One with Tamara Bond, Delivery Operations Manager at dotdigital

Welcome back to another episode of Email, duh., a video series where Founder and Chief Evangelist, George Schlossnagle, sits down with the most interesting people in the world of email.

In episode #03, George interviews Tamara Bond, Delivery Operations Manager at dotdigital. George begins the interview by asking Tamara how she got her start in the email industry. After trying out a few different career options, Tamara actually found that she was able to leverage the HTML knowledge she gained from using Neopets as a child to launch her into her first position at an ESP doing frontline support. From there, she wore many hats and ultimately settled into the world of delivery operations.

Later in the conversation, George and Tamara discuss the importance of keeping good company when doing business. While both George and Tamara believe in investing in engineering and technology, Tamara compares companies to parties and says: “you can set up an amazing networking event…but if you invite a bunch of idiots it’s not going to be much fun.” They agree that while great tech is key to a successful company, how you conduct your business and who you do business with is vital.

Towards the end of  the interview, George asks Tamara about how she thinks the email industry can improve. She mentions that it can be a pretty closed off community, and as a result the email world isn’t as diverse as it could (and should) be. To address this issue Tamara suggests hiring more junior positions as well as hiring those without a college degree. She says that while her degree is a nice-to-have, it’s not actually necessary for or relevant to what she does. More than that, she says that some of the best people she knows in email don’t have secondary degrees at all! Tamara believes that removing certain requirements for entry level positions in email will allow a wider swath of people to join the industry. Tamara also believes that the email industry should highlight and welcome new voices. She says that time and time again we hear from the same people and it’s time to uplift and amplify unheard perspectives to improve the world of email for all.

During this episode George and Tamara cover everything from Neopets to improving diversity in the email industry. You won’t want to miss this episode…duh!