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with Megan Boshuyzen, Email Marketing Specialist at the Harold Grinspoon Foundation

Ready for another exciting episode of Subscribe to This? Well, you’re in luck! In this episode our Director of Brand and Content Marketing, April Mullen, chats with Email Marketing Specialist at the Harold Grinspoon FoundationMegan Boshuyzen. The Harold Grinspoon foundation is a philanthropic organization primarily focused on charitable giving in the Jewish world. During the episode April and Megan chat about the world of email and Megan plays fetch with her dogs– a master multitasker if we do say so ourselves!

Megan speaks to the specific challenges of working at a non-profit organization during such an unpredictable time. Megan says that at first it was nerve-wracking but over time they’ve seen their supporters and community come through for them. She says that it’s great to see how the foundation is helping and improving people’s lives while they’re stuck at home. 

From there, April asks how Megan got her start in email. Like many people in the email field, Megan says she fell into it by accident. She started off as a graphic designer and while email was certainly part of the scope of her work it was not her main focus. She says in that role “email strategy was not a thing.” From there she transitioned into a new role at her current employer where she thought she would focus on web design, but instead she fell in love with email! Who can blame her!?

Megan mentions that the #emailgeeks community is huge part of what has made her successful in her career path. Unlike other fields that can be more cutthroat, Megan says that the supportive culture of the #emailgeeks community has helped her grow and excel in her career path. In fact, the email geeks slack is how April and Megan met each other!

April asks Megan to dive into a recent email newsletter project that she built from scratch. Megan explains what funnels she used to encourage sign-ups for her newsletter and build out her list. Additionally, she explains how she saw the Jewish High Holidays increase sign-ups for the newsletter.

Throughout the interview, April and Megan discuss the nuances and challenges of email marketing for a non-profit organization. Get to know Megan Boshuyzen, her email expertise, AND her dogs during this candid interview!