The Email Security Threat Is Real

Email is the top vector for attacks by bad actors around the world. Phishing and spoofing are real threats to your company’s information security and brand reputation. But there are concrete steps you can take to improve your email security.

Join SparkPost’s CISO, Steven Murray, and ValiMail’s CEO, Alexander Garcia-Tobar, to learn how to safeguard your email in 2017.

  • Learn about the prevalent security threats we’re seeing now
  • Hear real world examples of the repercussions of spoofed email
  • See why impersonation attacks are slipping through conventional methods
  • Understand the importance of email authentication
  • Walk away with ways to protect your company and reputation

Presented by:

  • Steven Murray, Chief Information Security Officer, SparkPost
  • Alexander Garcia-Tobar, CEO and Co-Founder, ValiMail

Don’t miss this critical information that will help you defend your company and brand against today’s email security threats. Watch the webinar now!