Retail’s evolved. So has email. Connected consumers expect 1:1 personalized engagement at every digital touch-point (email, mobile, web), and batch-and-blast messaging just won’t cut it. So how do you give your customers the experience they expect, and where do you even start?

Join email pro, Tom Mairs, Lead Global Solutions Specialist at SparkPost, as he shares his first-hand experience of implementing email for retail innovators like Etsy, Tobi, Ebates, Groupon, and Pinterest. He’ll give you tips on what you need to look for in a modern email service, and real-world examples of what the most innovative retailers are doing with email today.

Watch today and learn how to sell  more with email:

  • How to deliver relevant messages your customers actually want
  • What you could be missing with your current and outdated email platform
  • The importance of email as a ubiquitous, real-time channel
  • How to prepare for tomorrow’s email landscape


  • Tom Mairs, Lead Global Solutions Specialist, SparkPost
  • Adam Blair, Executive Editor, Retail TouchPoints

Don’t miss out on the advice every retail marketer needs. Watch “How to Sell More with Email” today!