The road to the inbox is often paved with mystery. In this incredible, All-Star panel, some of the industry’s best email deliverability experts break down some of the obstacles keeping your emails from performing as well as they could. How do you get out of the spam folder? What email innovations should you be prioritizing? How does authentication impact your ability to get your emails delivered?

In this on-demand panel, you’ll learn:

  • Expert thoughts on innovations like BIMI and AMP for Email
  • What authentications you should have in place and why they’re important
  • What to do about the fast-approaching holiday season that is predicted to be the busiest in history
  • What matters when it comes to email measurement

If you’re interested in unlocking the mysteries that surround deliverability, access the on-demand panel and start watching today!

The Moderators and Panelists:

Tamara Bond
Delivery Operations Manager, Dot Digital

Tam has been tinkering with outbound mail servers and advising on inbox placement for over 7 years. She is well known in the industry for her passion, dynamism and eccentricity when sharing her technical expertise. Tam knows that a holistic and data driven approach is required to continuously improve email delivery, and particularly enjoys collaborating with deliverability and compliance experts to maximize delivery and inbox placement.

Daniel Deneweth
Head of Deliverability Services, Oracle

Daniel is an email deliverability veteran with extensive experience working with ISPs and email marketing teams. As the head of Deliverability Services at Oracle CX Marketing, Daniel leads a team of deliverability experts, bringing insight and in-depth deliverability knowledge to help clients optimize their inbox placement, and accelerate the ROI from their email channel through innovative and effective deliverability strategies. You can follow Daniel on Twitter @danielrpco.

Udeme Ukutt
Postmaster, LinkedIn

Udeme is a Postmaster at LinkedIn with ~2 decades of email thought leadership: his team advocates for the best member experience, focused on best practices & standards, policy & compliance, deliverability, authentication, and the like.

His career experience spans across postmaster & policy liaison roles in engineering orgs at major internet/email providers. In 2019, he collaboratively implemented an emergent pilot tech spec called “”Brand Indicators for Message Identification” – BIMI, which enables use of a brand-controlled “trusted” logo). A few years before that he co-authored the “Global Email Marketing Compliance Guide” – a 70-country look-up matrix.

He currently serves at M3AAWG (as a Board member & Training Committee co-chair) and the ANA EEC (Standards & Practices subcommittee). He also speaks at conferences, and contributes to articles.

Matthew Vernhout
VP, Deliverability North America, Netcore Solutions

Matthew Vernhout is a digital messaging industry veteran and Certified International Privacy Professional (Canada) (CIPP/C) with nearly two decades of experience in email marketing. Matthew is Netcore’s Vice President Deliverability North America, a digital marketing and privacy advocate, the chair of the Email Experience Council (eec), director at large with the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE), Marketing Chair with the AuthIndicators Working Group, founder of the Canadian Email Summit, and co-founder of Privacy Summit North. He is a trusted industry expert, recognized as the 2019 EEC thought-leader of the year, speaking frequently at email marketing and technology conferences around the globe, and maintaining his celebrated blog,

George Schlossnagle
Chief Evangelist, SparkPost

George Schlossnagle is a Co-Founder, Chief Evangelist and a Member of the Board at SparkPost. George has been working in email since 1999, when he and his brother began developing what would become the Momentum mail transfer-agent at OmniTI. Following the spin-out of SparkPost from OmniTI in 2008, George held the roles of CEO and CTO before moving into his current role in 2020. Through the expansive Momentum on-premises footprint and his role moving SparkPost into the cloud, George has overseen the evolution of enterprise-grade email sending and analytics over the past two decades.

George is an active participant in the global email community as well as a supporter of the Baltimore-area businesses, currently serving on the board of Circonus. George holds a patent for a method and system for adaptive delivery of digital messages. He received a BA and MA in Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University and his MS from Brown University. In his personal time, George enjoys cooking, backpacking and spending time on his Maryland farm with his wife Pei, their two children and their many beloved animals.

April Mullen
Director of Strategic Insights, SparkPost

Currently the Director of Strategic Insights at SparkPost, April has over 13 years experience working in email for brands, agencies and in martech. Outside of SparkPost, Mullen has been an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at the University of Missouri-St. Louis since 2013. In June of 2016, Mullen co-founded Women of Email, an organization with over 4,000 members on six continents that is aimed at driving positive change for women in the email marketing niche.