In today’s world of ubiquitous consumer data, marketers face a practical and ethical dilemna when seeking a balance between what they want to know, need to know, and shouldn’t know about their customers. The explosion of big data means marketers have access to vast amounts of personally identifiable information (PII) about their customers, and cheap storage and the cloud make it ever easier to collect and store that data. But at what point does all of this data—and the ways marketers use it—become a violation of customers’ privacy? And does it present a risk to the company as well?

Navigate today’s big data universe with ease armed with the right tools for maintaining your customers’ privacy.

In this webinar, our marketing and data privacy experts discuss:

  • How to use your email data while meeting compliance laws
  • Tips for integrating data across channels and platforms
  • How to implement the principles of “Privacy by Design”

Presented by:

  • Dennis Dayman, Chief Privacy and Security Officer, Return Path
  • Len Shneyder, Director of Industry Relations, SparkPost

Learn to use big data without risking customer privacy. Watch “Privacy & Big Data Overload!” today!