A key challenge product managers face is ensuring their products maximize user conversion, engagement and retention. Therefore, it’s imperative PMs understand how to extend features that encourage users to spend more time with a product, broaden their use with new use patterns, and extend their engagement into additional product lines.

Identifying and maximizing these features—“growth surfaces”—is an essential part of today’s product management function. With experimentation and data-driven adaptation of this sort of feature, PMs have direct, positive impact on business growth.

In this webinar, expert panelists discuss:

  • Examples of key growth surfaces and how they drive product and business
  • Where to look for a product’s growth potential and how to expand these features
  • How Drift is a growth surface
  • A key growth surface that facilitated user engagement and increased business for Drift

Presented by:

  • Daniel Chalef, SVP of Growth, SparkPost
  • Guillaume Cabane, VP of Growth, Drift