SparkPost recently surveyed more than 1,800 SaaS, e-commerce, and other software businesses to assess how they’re using transactional messages and other email notifications. Our findings show that transactional emails are vital to modern apps and services. These messages drive user engagement, conversion, and growth.

Join us for this educational webinar, as our researchers/panelists review the key findings of the benchmark report and:

  • Provide an overview of transactional email and its most common uses today
  • Describe the opportunities and challenges businesses face in their efforts
  • Discuss the implications of these findings in the broader context of customer communications in the time of privacy concerns and regulations like GDPR
  • Offer best practices on the strategy and implementation of transactional email

Presented by:

  • Brent Sleeper, Product and Content Marketing, SparkPost
  • Atri Chatterjee, Founder & President, CerebralAction Inc.

Discover the data-driven benchmarks and best practices that define the state of transactional email in 2018. Complete the form below to watch this engaging webinar today.