SparkPost’s recent global survey revealed that 74% of marketing leaders are concerned about impending email privacy changes. From iOS15 to zero-party data to third-party cookies and the ever-changing privacy landscape, how do you keep up to make sure your company and customers aren’t negatively impacted?

Join our panel of privacy experts as they answer your questions and discuss privacy related topics that impact you and your email team every single day.

Our distinguished privacy experts include:

    • Chris Adams – VP, Deliverability Services, Compliance & Operations
    • April Mullen – Sr. Director of Brand & Content Marketing
    • Elliot Ross – Email Evangelist
    • George Schlossnagle – Distinguished Engineer, Evangelist, SparkPost Founder

Privacy and security are key to delivering a great customer experience. Your customers need to feel safe from the get-go, which means you need to be confident in the security of your email provider.

Email is a primary vector for phishing attacks and data breaches. That’s a risk your business can’t afford. Email can be difficult to scale, and building and maintaining it requires specialized operational skills.