As a marketing leader, the customer experience is key to the success of your business. When considering the options for an email vendor, you not only want something that performs incredibly well, but also something that fits seamlessly and improves overall insight into that customer experience. This guide aims to simplify the selection process by highlighting key focus areas depending on your business’ needs.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why investments in newer email technology make sense
  • What’s changed in the email landscape over the past 5 years
  • The core elements of email delivery
  • The competitive advantage that advanced data, tools and analytics provides
  • Reputable vendors to consider
  • And more

As you read this guide (and the email vendor RFP checklist), keep in mind the increasingly important connection between data and customer experience. Engagement data can help solve for some truly trying customer pain points. With that kind of information at your fingertips (optimal send times, mailing frequency preferences, etc. ) you’re on your way to making serious positive changes in your email programs and boosting ROI beyond belief.

Download The CMO’s Guide to Email Delivery Platforms today.