Experienced marketing professionals know that proper maintenance and upkeep is key to any successful marketing program. However, with advice coming from all angles, it can be hard to keep track or focus on what’s important. That information overload is what inspired us to create this guide, where we cover the seven essential email audits every organization should be conducting on their email programs. It not only includes which audits you should conduct, but also the why, the stakeholders you should involve, and recommended cadences for each type of audit.

This guide aims to help put your best foot forward with both your brand and your business. It’s embarrassing to send emails with out of date footers, to old addresses, or to folks who no longer identify or qualify as customers.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Are your scheduled or triggered emails still timely and relevant?
  • Do your email templates still work, even with the latest smartphone updates?
  • Do your email address acquisition strategies comply with the most recent data privacy and security regulations?

At the end of the day, your goal is to make communications with customers as streamlined, pleasant, and engaging as possible. With waning attention spans, it’s critical to maximize every second that you’ve got subscribers’ eyes on your emails. With 7 Essential Email Audits for Every Email Marketer, you’ll be sure to increase efficiency of your email communications, minimize mistakes and oversights, and develop lasting and valuable customer relationships.