This comprehensive guide has been written specifically for marketers using Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It covers everything you need to know to improve your inbox reputation and achieve peak email deliverability.

This Go-to Guide to Deliverability will help you answer:

  • Are you compliant with email laws like GDPR, CASL, and CAN-SPAM?
  • Is your opt-in process optimized to grow your lists and keep subscribers engaged?
  • Do you know how to deal with spam traps?
  • Is your unsubscribe process up to par?
  • Have you taken the steps to properly authenticate your email?

Email deliverability can feel overwhelming – so let us help you focus on what matters most.

Download the guide for some free tips, and then get a demo of SparkPost’s Inbox Tracker to learn about the only fully integrated deliverability solution available directly within Journey Builder, Email Studio, and Automation Studio. After all, you deserve a complete view of your campaign performance within Salesforce Marketing Cloud.