For many marketers driven by performance goals, it’s almost impossible to avoid focusing on campaign and program level metrics that are easily tracked in a dashboard. However, email’s impact on customer acquisition and retention often extends beyond what’s easily measured, which presents a challenge. When the spotlight shines on cut and dry metrics, we sometimes miss the bigger picture encompassing the entire customer journey and miss out on optimizing a holistic user experience.

This new guide focuses on 3 common email marketing slip-ups that help tell that broader story and bridge the gap between simpler campaign and program metrics. It will give you the tools you need to think outside the standard metrics box, and provides essential metrics that should be added to any CMO’s dashboard.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What factors drive engagement and retention more than ever
  • Why you should think outside of the typical campaign metric lineup
  • A handful of metrics that should be on every CMO’s dashboard
  • Five steps to aligning your teams with the benchmarks you should be tracking
  • Why customer lifetime value is important, and how to measure it consistently

Download Email Marketing Slip-ups today, and get the missing links to a better customer experience