We understand that making email is hard.

Juggling the complexities of creating email is something that email marketers don’t need. The moving parts, the stages of the creation process, the various people to involve. It’s a daily occurrence, and one we get used to. And email has amazing value to a business. Up to 44:1 ROI! It’s no wonder then that senior management like to ask the fated question:

‘Can you just send another email campaign?’

The value is plain to see, but not the complexities, or the time it’ll take to complete. In fact, does anyone really see their own workflow complexities? Most of us have a set way of doing things, and don’t notice the various areas for improvement and inefficiencies that have crept in.

It’s just the way it’s always been done. Besides, we are all so busy creating email and fire-fighting all the issues that surface. There just isn’t time to invest in optimization. And without that, it’s doubtful you’re achieving that 44:1 ratio.

Battling through all the inefficiencies and obstacles of a common email production process is a heroic effort. So let’s become actual heroes, as we take you on a quest to find a more efficient, scalable and quicker way to create email. We point out the various challenges you must face (warning – may include dragons), and also how you can solve them.

Close down the IT ticket, and put away the fiddly HTML templates. Become who you were born to be – an email hero.