More than 37% of the world’s business email is sent using SparkPost’s technology. That credibility comes in part from our company’s heritage, which is deeply rooted in a decade-long, unparalleled expertise with high-performance email infrastructure. Our team developed the market’s highest-performing email delivery (Mail Transfer Agent, or MTA) software, Momentum and PowerMTA.

Today, that email engineering expertise has gone into building the SparkPost email delivery service. But the migration of complex, highly optimized software like MTAs to a service-based delivery model requires more than a just a change in platform. The cloud represents a fundamental transformation in technology architecture.

In this engaging brief, SparkPost CTO George Schlossnagle shares some of what he and his team learned building a cloud-native email delivery service. He discusses some of the considerations any business migrating software like MTAs to the cloud should consider, including:

  • How to evaluate cloud platforms like AWS and Azure
  • The challenges of building stateful systems in the cloud
  • Performance and scaling limitations of cloud platforms
  • The teams and skills needed for cloud operations

Migrating complex software to the cloud is a challenge for any enterprise. Download this engaging brief to learn best practices and lessons learned today.