So you’re taking the reins of a new email marketing team? First off, congratulations! You’ve proved your talent and value to be in this position, and we bet you can’t wait to get started.

We know from experience that, alongside the excitement, there are the nerves. The uncertainty of just what you will be walking into. Plus, how you’ll be able to mould your new team into a well-oiled, efficient and constantly improving machine. For as we know, email marketing operations are rarely straightforward. What’s more, your new managers will want good results early.

To help you with this, we’ve teamed up with DMA Email Council member and all-round email guru Russell Dawson, as well as our friends at Ometria, to produce an in-depth guide for hitting the ground running with your new team. Combining a broad scope of areas you’ll need to consider with in-depth detail, advice and tips on how to action these parts, it’s a veritable bible for your first 3 months in charge of a new email team.

We cover:

  • Key principle objectives of any email marketing department
  • Getting buy-in from stakeholders, and managing them throughout the process
  • How to get up to speed with how your new business operates, and tying that back to your email marketing
  • Creating a collaborative and communicative culture
  • Key email areas to initially focus on.

Get your copy today and ensure you make a success of your first 100 days leading a new email team!

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